Before mess, we recommend making copies of GPS to your PC just in case, although usually never pass anything and the installation of radar gives no problems.

If you do not look good images, click on them and will be expanded. Laughing

The first thing is go to the Garmin page and download the program POILoader

Download Get off the latest version they have, for Windows or Mac.

Install the program you downloaded on your PC.

Files that hang on our website, are Compressed RAR.
If you do not have the program WinRAR, descárgatelo.



Now you need the file with the Radars.

Click on the following image and get off the file with information from the radars.




 If you want (is optional, I did then, it is not necessary) can also install the voices that warn you of the radars.  But the install, and your voice will not be alerted GPS with a beep and the icon. If you install, will be skipped voice.

Models that support Voices in MP3 format.
Nüvi (except Model 200), Zūmo, StreetPilot c550, 2720, 2820, 7200 and 7500

Click on the image to download the voices.



 (If not, go to this Web downloads and descárgatelas). There are several to choose from.




Now you must download the icons we will as we approach radar. Click on the image many, you choose.


Create a folder on your hard drive and call if you like, for example RADARS.

In it you have to put the files with the information:

* The points of radars with the extension *. GPX or *. CSV  . Better use files with the extension *. CSV, never give problems.
* Icons with the Images with the extension *. BPM
* Files with the voices alarm extension *. MP3. (Only for models that support the voices, but it will warn you with a beep)

Models that support Voices in MP3 format.
 Nüvi (except Model 200), Zūmo, StreetPilot c550, 2720, 2820, 7200 and 7500

So you will have inside the folder something like this:

ES_R_Camu_50.bmp ES_R_Camu_50.bmp
ES_R_Camu_50.csv ES_R_Camu_50.csv
ES_R_Camu_50.mp3 ES_R_Camu_50.mp3
ES_R_Camu_60.bmp ES_R_Camu_60.bmp
ES_R_Camu_60.csv ES_R_Camu_60.csv
ES_R_Camu_60.mp3 ES_R_Camu_60.mp3
ES_R_Camu_70.bmp ES_R_Camu_70.bmp
ES_R_Camu_70.csv ES_R_Camu_70.csv
ES_R_Camu_70.mp3 ES_R_Camu_70.mp3
..... .....
..... .....
..... .....

Something like you see in the picture. (Click on the image to enlarge).

 If your model is not supported Voices format MP3, those files Mp3 not Radars will have in the folder.

1 .- Connect Garmin NUVI the USB port.

 In NUVI off connect to the computer via the USB cable.  If there are new windows Windows NUVI or your card must close.

2 .- Starting the program POI Loader.

2.1 Choosing the device as a removable disk if we have an SD card on GPS. (I have to drive in F:. Otherwise device Nuvi I just choose what I tested with the SD card. Choosing Device Nuvi I have not tried.

2.2.1- Indicate the path where we saved our portfolio .... Radars

2.2.2- Select meters and km / hour.


The Express can cause so that we do not tell even if we have installed files looking for data because of speed or distance within the filename

2.3.1 Set up each and every file that asked for the program.
Enable box "This file contains points alert proximity"
Enable box "Indicate when approaching a point"
Indicate distance at which we want to tell p.e. 1000 m

Note: activate the box speed only if we have the files sorted by speed and indicate the speed.

In other words, you will be asking one by one. In the files that contain numbers ponle you tell the 1000 meters.

3 .- We have achieved.

Remove the USB cable and illuminate your GPS.  If you switched on the GPS warns that there are new POIs to install, say YES and ready.

Fun. Wink