• If you have arrived up to here, is that you did not make a Backup of all the content of your GPS. If you are able to fix your GPS, you do not forget to make a backup so that it does not return to you to happen.

    In the Web you have a section to make backups of the GPS, within Maintenance of GPS.


    You must unload in file corresponding to your model of GPS.

    The file unloading with the shipment of 2 SMS with the moving body.


    The cost of this service is of 1.50 € + IVA by SMS.

    Single 2 SMS for the unloading are needed.

    When you send the 2 SMS you will receive a code for the unloading.

    It chooses Country from which you send the SMS in the box of underneath SEPOMO.

    It puts the code that you have received in the box of SEPOMO that corresponds with your model of GPS and punctures in GO and will initiate the unloading in your PC.

    The unloading of the file does not imply that we solve the problem to you.

    Most of the users with this unloading they fix in GPS and the one that unloadings the file, does not mean that we are forced to solve the problem that you have with your GPS. If we will give to support and aid you in the Forum, but this is a way to try to fix the GPS of a fast and very cheap form, before you must take it the Technical Service of Garmin.

    If you are a user of very low level and you do not know nor to handle compressed archives ZIP, you will not be able nor to use the archives of the unloading since they are compressed. If you know to handle compressed archives ZIP, you have it very easy.

    It unloads the manual to know like using the unloaded file



    You can give a look to the Post of our forum, where you will see that people are able to fix to the GPS and solutions for which she costs to you that the PC recognizes the GPS after losing Software.

    For Users of Spain: It sends IN SOFT to 7543. When you send the 2 SMS, you will receive the code for the unloading.

    For Users of other countries: It chooses in the BOX of SEPOMO your Country and follows the instructions that put to you in the BOX of SEPOMO.

    Code in the box of SEPOMO puts you that has the description of your model of GPS.

  • NUVI 200-250



    NUVI 200W-250W



    NUVI 205-215-255



    NUVI 255W



    NUVI 300-350



    NUVI 310-360



    NUVI 550



    NUVI 605-705



    NUVI 760



    NUVI 765T



    NUVI 710-760-770






    ZUMO 660








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