If you install this Barra de Navegación, you will have:


1. Direct access to Web GPS GARMIN with all the unloadings.


2. Seeking Web.


3. Direct access to the Forum of GPS GARMIN.


4. Completely configurable radio Online, where you will be able to add or to clear radio transmitters of all type.


5. Useful tool of Warning device of Mail (email), where you will be able to add so many accounts of mail as you have. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, POP3.

With this tool, whenever we are sailing by Internet, it will warn to us of any mail that us between new, in any account of mail which we have.


To enter Adjustments

To puncture in Adding.


Type of account: To choose the type of account.

Direction of mail-and: our account of mail.

Password: the password of the mail. The one that we have in hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc, etc

Name of account: name that we want to put to the mail account.

To mark "Autoidentificar", thus we will avoid to be pricking the password.

Once filled up the data, to puncture in button In agreement


6. The Time in our region and future predictions.

We can form this option, choosing the region where we lived and other options.


This bar is completely editable, adding options if we want, as the tool to avoid the annoying emergent windows of the Web, or clearing those that we do not like, as well as the possibility of putting new sound so that it warns to us of emails, to form each how long we want that it verifies to us if there is new email in our accounts, etc.

If you want to install the bar it punctures in the following image